Thursday, 1 August 2019

Tips for promoting hair growth in women

Have you tried all the ways to get the long attractive hair as shown in the TV ads? It's okay. This article is for you ...
Excessive use of the hair on the market is available to drugs, gels, tonic and other products. Not only are our wallet empty, but also the quality of hair loss. Women's hair health is much improved when you have a few simple instructions to replace them. Here is about them
Consider favorably healthy eating
Our hair growth will only improve when the hair fall is reduced. Many of us are undergoing a stressful lifestyle and quickly become bald. So, the healthy diet of the day is wrong. Eat 3 times a day and eat 5 fruits in the center middle.

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Chunky hair

When the hair is washed with a wide variety of products available on the market, the hair becomes dry. So try experimenting on your hair and use naturally made drugs at home. In particular, take half cup of mustard oil and heat. When the heat starts to begin, add the salt of the mustard oil and methi seeds and mix well with spoon. Then cool the mixture and apply it to the hair follicles and keep it in full night. Next day, shovel the shampoo with a shampoo. Follow it once every two or three months. By doing this, hair growth is double than normal.

Cut the hair

Did you stop cutting hair? But your hair growth will stop completely. This is also the reason for the hair loss. Hair cutting every two years will increase hair growth and improve your health.

Do not use hair styling products

Reduce the use of color and re-bonding products for your hair. Using chemicals such as these chemicals can harm your team health. So wash your hair every day, keep it in condition. Changing the hair will become scales and the growth stops.

Use safe hair packs

There are many types of hair packs available on the market. Use only good products, products that belong to the brand name. Also, stay away from heat as much as possible. Hair exposure causes you to be exposed to severe sunlight. Go to the umbrella, or scarf, at the same time.

Also, do not forget to knuckle your hair before bedtime. Learn about your hair quality and their structure. Those who have greedy hair are shampooing their day and their problems will not be solved. You should use hair packed with Henna or Geronta every 15 days. By doing this, they get good results.

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