Thursday, 1 August 2019

Beauty tips that make the face look natural

Women have a lot of interest and competition in presenting their beauty.
There are many people who try to get rid of their beauty by doing some artifacts in violation of nature today. This is not a female girl ...

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Naturally, our body can be maintained by the nature of the available material.

Maintain a nail:

Adding to the fruit of the banana fruit in the milk, the nails become stronger and break down. Nails get more glow to rub the almond oil in the nail.

Maintain Magazines:

Beetroot is just a little bit of ferment in our home. You do not need any lipstick. Cut the beetroot and put on your petals like a lipstick lipstick.

To maintain the face:

Apply the raw ripe papaya on your face and wash your face a little later.

Combine watermelon flour and mix with watermelon juice to ensure that your face gets bleached on the face.

To maintain the neck:

This is the mistake of many women. Those who know to look beautiful face do not respect the neck. This is the neck and the face is only visible on the face.Add a little rosewater, a little onion juice, two drops of olive oil, and mix it around the neck with a little flour. Take a few minutes and then massage your hair from the neck to the jaw. In the long run, your neck will darken the dark color.

To maintain the skin:

Take a spoonful of juice with a spoon yeast and mix it with cabbage leaf. The color of the skin to darken the skin becomes a natural color. The color of the skin is more red than the previous one.

You can

The cervix is ​​the only cavity in the eye. This is the best way to remove the cervix. Pour the cucumber's powder and add yogurt in it to make the paste.

There will be no disappearance in the thirteen days to keep this paste in the area of ​​the concealment.

Remove black patches:

Some people find ugly black patches on the face, nose, and eyes. This would refer to the "fade" on the village side. To get rid of these, mix nutmeg, sandalwood and spinach and mix well. Apply a paste of black patches on the face of the grind. If you handle this method a few times, the ugly blot on the face will darken.

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