Thursday, 1 August 2019

10 Tricks for WEIGHT LOSS

Restaurants and McDonald's have grown up with the influence of this mid-globalization. With the modern lifestyle we are increasingly weighing the weight. Every employee who works sitting and a merchant is required to keep up on his weight. Particularly 35 people have to control their weight. Weight loss is made at the stomach, near the thighs, making the skin bleeding and hanging under the horn. The skin also goes well. It does not take long to weigh a single kg of weight. But one kilo should go to the gym to lose weight, run the half an hour and throw the stomach into the bed. We need all these things !! At least once a year we need to look at the weight. There is a small calculation whether you are obese. Shiva is 170cm tall, he is more likely (170 - 100 = 70Kg). Our bones can be seen by looking at the skins and looking for a +/- 5kgs. It goes beyond the list of obesity.

To overcome this, we need to change some habits in the day. Besides, it is necessary to control mind types of flavors. I share a few small patches for them

10 Tricks for Weight Loss

1. Eat in a small tune (plate). You may start eating less without you.

2.Drink well before 30 minutes before dessert. The appetite effect is unknown. Drink at least 30 minutes after two hours of dinner.

3. Eat more of a day at a lower standard. Make sure you have vegetables and sprouts boiled with rice rice. At night, there is only one chap. Apply any raw carrotto, stir and eat pando. (Write in another post about eating habits)

4. Eat something to someone who does not eat our mouths eat something. Eat a bajji eat slowly and enjoy its taste. If you want to eat small food and sweets, take it forever. But do not go beyond one. Otherwise, follow the quota in [[Aha my wedding]];)

5. Eat as a whole weekly oil substitutes for the sake of eating a meal every Sunday. That is what special food means to look forward to Sunday.

6. Do not be lift, how many times are you, no matter how many times you go. (Take the doctor's advice to people with joint diseases). Drop a position (stop) over the bus position.

7. Take the food slowly. Do not worry. Eat only one thing to eat than eat it all and enjoy the taste of it.

8. Celebrate the day of fruit, the day of the holidays, the day of seedlings. Only eat fresh fruits and vegetables that day.

9. Tell my friends that I'm going to lose weight for ten kilograms. If you do not take precaution to lose weight, the people will be able to touch the shots whenever they are busy.

10. More importantly, do not be lazy to lose weight. If the atheist is exhausted initially. All the habits must be changed slowly. Start it on the face and do not end up in the puberty, change the habit of everyday life.

Three blind marks are for those who ask for such free advice

1) Eat almost half the stomach. If there is a half of the stomach in the stomach, the other half is air and water.

2) Use the machines as much as possible.

3) Get rid of the fungus and dairy products and do not touch it anymore.

(Warning: This is a suggestion that gives self experience but do not substitute for a doctor's therapy)

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